Sunday, September 5, 2010

my new favorite burger.

the hubby and i went to a new place in santa monica called sonoma wine garden. he had the burger and i had a lovely salad with nectarines and burrata. was fabulous. but what i found most interesting was that they put a beet on their burger. i hate beets. hate beets! but i saw it on his burger and thought...hmmmmm....i get it. ketchup is sweet. beets are sweet. i think i see where they are going. i tried a bite, and was won over. so last night - i tried it myself. with bison. to me, ground bison is a winner. its not as gamey tasting as bison steak. and its a leaner meat than cow. its great. here's how to cook a bison burger a la martha. (cooks a little differently than cow cuz its so lean). anyways - i love blue cheese on a burger. and i thought it would be an awesome contrast to the sweet beet. in my opinion, i was right. blue cheese, bison and beets. thats it! no sauce or lettuce or any thing else. - my new favorite burger.

Friday, July 23, 2010


i love mascara. and fake eyelashes. and green eyeshadow...but thats another post. point natural lashes are not my thing. i like va va voom lashes. hello i'm here lashes. look at my lashes lashes. and i love products that help me get that.
i was turned on to revitalash by a school friend 2 years ago and i havent put it down since. that stuff WORKS. i'd try latisse, except my revitalash works so well... its like steroids for your lashes.

and i feel naked without mascara. i love mac zoom lash mascara except that it has a tendency to flake. i love lancome but its wicked expensive. and then the other day i was in cvs and the lady who worked in the cosmetics section advised me to give this a try. its called falsies by maybelline. i was skeptical, but she said if i didnt love it i could return it. so i made the jump. lo and it. and the price. love that too. it lengthens, and then lengthens some more. and separates, and adds some generalized (not clumpy!) chutzpa to your lashes. thank you cvs lady!!!!!!!!!!

on a side note....why is it that for every mascara ad, the advertisers are CLEARLY using fake eyelashes. i've never met a human with lashes that look like this......even with some awesome mascara. i love that the maybelline website thinks that ANYONE would believe these eyelashes are simply the work of falsies mascara. and i love the disclaimer under the photo "Erin’s look is enhanced in post-production."

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

THe Cancer Cards

i feel like these days, everyone knows someone who has cancer. One of my favorite girlfriends went through years of cancer treatments with her mom before losing her to breast cancer 3 years ago. this girlfriend of mine learned that a get well card barely hits the mark when it comes to well wishes for a cancer patient and developed

Here are a few i like...
the inside of this one says "I'd much rather have a martini"

this one speaks for itself

and this one says "Bald is buddhaful."

So - if any of you know someone who has cancer or has recently been diagnosed, lets give Jenny our business and buy a card that actually means something to these patients.

Friday, July 16, 2010

La Grande Orange

Restaurant review: La Grande Orange
Loved it! not too expensive, great food. fun atmosphere...
highly advocate this place if you are in santa monica!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

1950's glendale house

oooooo......loving this.

I want, i Absolutely must have an original rockwall/fireplace when i grow up.
Love the floor to ceiling windows.
Love that the windows look out on to nature and this cool patio...

Love that its been untouched since it was built in the 1950's. (well, except for a little cement going to the front door and some landscaping.

found on LA TIMES

Saturday, March 13, 2010


i want this. only the furniture maker is in australia. mark tuckey.

house tour on apartment therapy

this house tour is one of my all time faves. love the bright colors. love the classic details. i've been wrong before....but i think with her color and appliance and hardware and material choices in the kitchen and bathrooms, these arent likely to go out of style or grow tired on the owner any time soon. and i loooove love love the orange!